Drupal Iron Camp 2018 cancelled

Dear Visitor,

The organizer team of Drupal Iron Camp would like to let you know - with the heaviest heart - that the event is not going to happen in 2018, and we are unsure about the future.

We love this event, and we are very proud of what we put together in 2016 in Prague. We really would like to see it happening again, but at this point, for Novi Sad in Serbia we didn't see the conference coming together as we wanted it to be.

Ongoing preps for upcoming Iron Camp - Novi Sad

I want to inform you about current state of this year camp organizations.

We know the place of event. It will be held in Congress center of Novi Sad fair facility.

As usual we are in constant communication with speakers and sponsors.

When we are speaking of Iron Camp team, roles are divided and everyone know what needs to be done.

Selling tickets is available, please reserve your seat!

We start in 5 days!

Last chance to improve your business and increase your professional network…

IronCamp is almost starting, we are sold out of tickets. The CxO day is also sold out, and we are getting everything ready to for a group of twenty people to have a wonderful day.

Supporting partners