About Iron Camp

Drupal Iron Camp has held its first event in Prague, the Czech Republic on November 24–27, 2016. It was the kick-off event for a biennial conference that changes location every time, and it’s organized by joint Drupal forces from all around Central and Eastern Europe. This year it is time for Novi Sad, Serbia on October 29–31st, 2018 .

The organizers’ goal is to put this geographical area on the Drupal map and to create a connection point for everyone in the Drupal world who is interested in what this region has to offer the field.

In October of this year we aim to make Novi Sad the center of the Drupal ideology of ‘sharing is caring’, and all of our tracks and meetups are designed to strengthen this aim.
We expect to have 300 attendees throughout the three days, both from the organizing region’s countries and from Western Europe and the US. With our affordable tickets, starting from €50 / $58 early bird prices for the four days, which includes lunch, snacks, and coffee, we are giving everyone the opportunity to join us in the heart of Europe to celebrate Drupal together.
It’s a good opportunity to stay tuned to the latest things that are happening around the community and the project itself. The most influential speakers will come and share their experience, so you will get the best information first hand. You will also have the chance to meet the best Drupal companies. If you are looking for a new job or you need to hire talented Drupalers, this is the place to be!

We want it to be as cool as possible, to make it the one event of 2018 (and all upcoming years) that absolutely can’t be missed!

Our goals

We have two main goals in organizing the conference.

Community Building

Currently, there aren’t any events in the area that focus specifically on bringing the regional Drupal people together with the worldwide communities. We would like to create a meeting point for those who are interested in what the local professionals can offer to Drupal, and we would like to establish an environment where it is possible and affordable to spend quality time together, share knowledge, and learn from each other.

Business opportunity development

Another goal of Drupal IronCamp is to become a place to build business relationships and foster networking between the regional Drupal resources and the Western European and US markets. The area has a lot to offer in the  field as there are hundreds of midsize Drupal shops and thousands of freelancers specializing in Drupal. There is need from all around the world for these people and we are confident that we can help fill those gaps. Drupal IronCamp will be an environment where the supplies and the demands can meet.