Apply for a Scholarship!

Happy drupal people from DDD Montpellier

Are you considering coming to Prague but cannot because of financial obstacles?
No job? Bad month or year? Are you a student?
Thanks to the grant from Drupal Association, we can help you come to IronCamp!

Let us know what your needs are, write something about yourself and we will try to help.
Currently, there are no rules, since we don’t know how many people will apply nor would be the exact needs. The most obvious would be waiving the ticket fee, but we might help you with accommodation and / or travel as well.

How to apply

  • send a mail to: 
  • subject: "scholarship"
  • body: 
    • state your needs
    • why do you want to attend IronCamp 
    • something about you and drupal
    • please include a link to your d.o profile if you have it
  • deadline: November 11

Please don’t be shy and apply! Any information you share will be kept strictly confidential. 

We look forward to meeting you in Prague!


Photo: group photo from Drupal Developer Days Montpellier 2015