Drupal Iron Camp 2018 cancelled

Dear Visitor,

The organizer team of Drupal Iron Camp would like to let you know - with the heaviest heart - that the event is not going to happen in 2018, and we are unsure about the future.

We love this event, and we are very proud of what we put together in 2016 in Prague. We really would like to see it happening again, but at this point, for Novi Sad in Serbia we didn't see the conference coming together as we wanted it to be.

Ongoing preps for upcoming Iron Camp - Novi Sad

I want to inform you about current state of this year camp organizations.

We know the place of event. It will be held in Congress center of Novi Sad fair facility.

As usual we are in constant communication with speakers and sponsors.

When we are speaking of Iron Camp team, roles are divided and everyone know what needs to be done.

Selling tickets is available, please reserve your seat!

We start in 5 days!

Last chance to improve your business and increase your professional network…

IronCamp is almost starting, we are sold out of tickets. The CxO day is also sold out, and we are getting everything ready to for a group of twenty people to have a wonderful day.

Friday night party - Drupal Cinema Zapping

Join us for a night of fun on Friday evening! Look for the drink coupons at registration!

Party will take place at Vinohradsky Pivovar, a small local brewery built and operated by a group of friends. You will have to choice to try their non-alcoholic beverages, beers and wine selection.

Apply for a Scholarship!

Are you considering coming to Prague but cannot because of financial obstacles?
No job? Bad month or year? Are you a student?
Thanks to the grant from Drupal Association, we can help you come to IronCamp!

Let us know what your needs are, write something about yourself and we will try to help.
Currently, there are no rules, since we don’t know how many people will apply nor would be the exact needs. The most obvious would be waiving the ticket fee, but we might help you with accommodation and / or travel as well.

Get ready for CxO day

IronCamp CxO day is in less than a month away, now is the time to start preparing.
Come with questions, challenges, ideas and problems so we can get the most out of the event. This will enable you to successfully improve your business in 2017.

Find the Drupal IronCamp team in Dublin!

It's the end of September again, which means, it's DrupalCon Europe time again!

This year Drupalistas from all over Europe and the world gather in Dublin, Ireland to share knowledge and move Drupal forward together. Our team members will be there too! If you wanna hear about camp goals, deadlines and tickets, find the guys, Petr, Miro and Ruben in red 'Ask me about Drupal IronCamp' shirts and get all the info!

Who's going to Drupal Iron Camp?

Do you want to know who's going to Drupal Iron Camp?
Check out our video, and our list of attendees.

Ticket sales have now opened for Drupal Iron Camp!

Join us in Prague for 4 days of Drupal in November. Drupal Iron Camp is a camp organized by the joint forces of the Central and Eastern European Drupal communities and the goal of the event is to connect everyone in the Drupal world who is interested in what this region has to offer.

Dear Visitor!

We would like to invite you to the Drupal event of the Central and Eastern European Drupal community, Drupal IronCamp in Prague, Czech Republic, between 24-27 November 2016.

Learn more about Prague, check out our tickets or become our sponsor