We start in 5 days!

Last chance to improve your business and increase your professional network…

IronCamp is almost starting, we are sold out of tickets. The CxO day is also sold out, and we are getting everything ready to for a group of twenty people to have a wonderful day.
The importance of this conference goes beyond sessions and parties. The goal is to create an even bigger community in Europe, helping small companies grow, creating more connections with bigger players, thus adding more value to our network of professionals, thus more value to all customers.

The upcoming years will be crucial for our businesses. As we are diving deeper in the era of the digitalisation and technology, our customers will need more digital services, which brings us the challenge of finding partners and talented professionals to satisfy this demand.

The only way to be ready for the change is to be part of our Great Community!

Perhaps this is not your first Drupal conference, Business Summit or CxO day. It is sure that this one will be a game changer in your way of working. You will feel the dynamics of the Drupal Community, answers to your questions and probably solutions to your problems.

Get ready for it! Just bring your best mood as well as all your questions and problems. We will guide you through the journey, the Drupal way.

Looking forward to see you soon!

Floris and Ruben, your CxO MCs.

Photo credit: Amazee Labs on Flickr, taken at the DrupalCon in Barcelona, 2015