Friday night party - Drupal Cinema Zapping

Vynohradský pivovar

Join us for a night of fun on Friday evening! Look for the drink coupons at registration!

Party will take place at Vinohradsky Pivovar, a small local brewery built and operated by a group of friends. You will have to choice to try their non-alcoholic beverages, beers and wine selection.

The program

The year was 2015 AD and there was one special night. It was a movie night,... but not some random Hollywood movie premiere. It was Drupal Cinema Night, premiering Drupal Cinema Zapping - exclusively for the eyes of attendees of the DrupalCamp Vienna…


And now we are partnering up with the team of Acolono to bring the experience to Prague for the attendees of Drupal IronCamp too! We're excited!


Vinohradsky Pivovar
Korunní 106, Praha 10 (Map)

Getting there

From the venue : 

go to the tram station at the square (Karlovo namesti)
take tram 10 (direction Sídliště Ďáblice)
or tram 16 (direction Lehovec)
to station Orionka (13 minutes, 7 stops)
walk 1 block back :) 

From the city:

Metro A (green line subway), station Flora

walk a few minutes through Jicinska and Korunni